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Chicago Shaolin Temple Main Headquarters
2919 S. Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60608


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Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center

Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Academy


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CHICAGO ($150/month)!

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Authentic, Traditional, Shaolin Training in Chicago

The President of the New York Shaolin Temple, 34th Generation Master Shi Yanju, founded the Chicago Shaolin Temple as a 501(c)3 charitable organization in 2007. The goal of the New York, Chicago, and Boston Shaolin Temple branches is to preserve the 1,500 year history of the Chan (Zen) Buddhism Sect of the China Songshan Shaolin Temple, and to introduce and promote the Shaolin culture to the world. The Chicago Branch reports directly to the New York Shaolin Temple and its Master Shi Yanju.

The Shaolin way of life is a unique blend of spirituality, wisdom, and courage. The Chicago Shaolin Temple strives to serve the community through training and charity services and hopes many Chicago residents will be exposed to the great Shaolin culture.

The foundations of Shaolin culture are chan, martial arts, and medicine. The Chicago Shaolin Temple offers classes in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Qin-Na (grappling), San Da (Chinese kickboxing), and Qigong (Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing). Enthusiasts of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join.

The Shaolin Temple advocates the Shaolin way of life in order to improve the physical and spiritual well being of humanity. Its ultimate intention is to promote, put into practice, and spread the Shaolin Chan Sect spirit to the world.

While we offer Buddhist services and believe that Shaolin martial arts are connected to our spirituality, we accept all faiths and currently instruct individuals with diverse backgrounds. We do not try to persuade students to change their belief systems but merely make available our teachings to those seeking them.

Performance Highlights - April 17, 2011 Xilin Lantern Festival in Naperville, IL


DVDs of the 12/12/2009 Shaolin Masters Performance are now available at our various locations for $25.


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