Chicago Branch Locations: 

Chicago Shaolin Temple Main Headquarters
2919 S. Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60608


Our Parent Temple in New York:


Other New York Shaolin Temple Branches:

Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center

Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Academy


We offer classes in Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong (and Tai Chi), San Da (chinese kickboxing), and Qin Na (joint locks and grappling).  Please use the links below for the current schedule and pricing information for the main headquarters location.  For other locations, please visit the websites on the right of this page.


The Chicago Main Headquarters location offers classes 6 days a week for $150 per month. 


You can take a trial class for $20.  You are welcome to come observe a class.



Martial Arts Schedule and Fees



* While we offer Buddhist services and believe that Shaolin martial arts are connected to our spirituality, we accept all faiths and currently instruct individuals with diverse backgrounds. We do not try to persuade students to change their belief systems but merely make available our teachings to those seeking them.


To inquire about private lessons or if you have questions please contact us.